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Bungee Jumping
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Bungee Jumping in India

¤ Most Thrilling Sport in India
Bungee Jumping in India one of the great adventure sports, is both a breathtaking attraction and an exhilarating knowledge for all who take part, attracting folks from a wide background along with a broad spectrum of age groups. The average age of jumpers is in between 16 and 40, but the limit is 14 to 50. Spectators of all ages stand in awe, witnessing the lot of people who just have to do it.

¤ Bungee Jumping Sports Origin
Bungee Jumping Wonderful Adventure Sports originated to the South Pacific Island of Vanuatu using the natives executing it as part of their manhood ritual, leaping from bamboo towers with only wines tied to their ankles.

The world’s first wonderful Bungee jumping, occurred on April Fool’s Day 1979, when 4 jumpers carried out a completely unauthorized leap, simultaneously from Bristol’s Clifton Suspension Bridge utilizing elasticized rubber ropes. Quickly after, red-blooded adrenaline seekers across the globe embraced this thrilling and intriguing new activity that owes everything to plain, raw nerve!

¤ The Basic Gears Required for Bungee
Bungee Jumping, a good sport is very a secure sport, as all of the equipment used within the whole operation applies a fundamental "redundancy" principle all through and also the procedures include rigorous double checking extremely much like a pilots preflight test routine.

The Bungee jumping crew combines substantial practical knowledge, with theoretical familiarization with procedures and equipment.

¤ Bungee Jumping Sports In India
India can be quick catching up with great Bungee Jumping sports activities, a thrilling filled sports activity. Numerous organizers are coming up with Bungee Jumping in numerous areas in the nation.

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