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Kinnaur Valley
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Home » Destination in India » Himachal Pradesh Tourism » Kinnaur Valley

Kinnaur Valley

¤ The Scenic Splendor At Kinnaur
Kinnaur is a breathtakingly scenic and sparsely populated valley, ideal for vacation holidays in Kinnaur Valley. It is no wonder that a nearby legend says that Kinnaur with all its beauty fell through the clouds like a present through the gods.

This thousand ft deep decrease valley of Spiti and also the Sutlej gorge is carved out by the icy waters of your Sutlej River.

Along the Baspa Valley, villages are precariously perched around the higher reaches plus the homes cling towards the hillsides in rows. Nearby are thin strips of terraced fields. The bigger land holdings in the village are at a greater level, exactly where the hillside rolls out to open meadows. Normally in the course of springs people today select Kinanaur for his or her holidays, when these meadows are crammed with iris along with other wild flowers along with shrubs of rhododendrons in different hues of pink.

¤ Vegetation in Kinnaur Vellay Himachal
Kinnaur is most suited for increasing fruits. In addition to its famous chilgozas (pine nut), Kinnaur also creates some of the finest apples, almonds, walnut, peaches and apricots in the nation. Nonetheless Kinnaur is extra famous for its local wine, anguri.

¤ Facilities at Kinnaur Valley of Himachal India

Interior Line Permits
The only place to obtain a vacation permit in Kinnaur is Recong Peo. The permit is valid for 7 days but may be very easily prolonged appropriate there or at Kaza. This permits you to travel from Recong Peo to Kaza and back.  

¤ Transport Facilities
Direct bus service is available from Shimla and Delhi. All of the smaller places in Kinnaur need to be observed by hiring taxis or jeeps from Shimla or Rampur.

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