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Home » Destination in India » Himachal Pradesh » Tourist Attractions

Southern Himachal Attractions

¤ Main Attractions of Southern Himachal
Sirmaur will be the southernmost district of Himachal Pradesh. It might not get pleasure from the tourist focus that Chamba, Lahaul or Kullu does, nonetheless it cannot be totally erased from the itinerary.
The district is noted for its attractions of pilgrimage and also the legends that surround them.

A few of the fascinating tourist spots of southern Himachal are the outdated settlement of Nahan, the famous gurudwara (Sikh temple) town of Paonta Sahib along with the picturesque Renuka Lake.

The borders of the Sirmaur district contact these of Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Solan and Shimla. Weaving its way via reduced rolling hills will be the sights of Giri River, which divides the district into two unequal halves. North from the river lies the Shillai area, well-known for its limestone quarries which have come up within the recent past.

¤ The Legendary Tale
The rulers with the erstwhile princely state of Sirmur were Rathore rajputs. Their capital was at Sirmuri Tal. But not a lot facts about Sirmaur’s historic previous has survived except for a very interesting legend. As soon as, it so happened, that a lady boasted towards the king of her acrobatic abilities.

The Raja then challenged her to cross and recross the Giri River on a rope, promising to provide her half his kingdom if she did so effectively. The lady crossed the river safely, and everybody was sure of her triumphal recrossing. But as she was returning, a courtier, anxious to save the kingdom from dismemberment, cut the rope, plus the lady perished within the river. Like a punishment for this act of treachery, they say, a flood swept away Sirmaur, and the Raja perished with all his kin, leaving the realm without a ruler.

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